Finding Jobs That Are Great For People With Disabilities

In the past, employers often refused to hire disabled individuals because they were either expecting to refuse those people’s requests for accommodations or because they assumed disabled people couldn’t do certain tasks. But the Americans with Disabilities Act requires the employer to assess each individual disability and provide any necessary accommodations through discussions with the individual. Employers must not make assumptions about what a person can or cannot do, and every case should be looked at individually. To compensate, most government agencies will spend time training all of their employees on what is required by the law in order then keep everyone up-to-date. Mental disabilities, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, are no more difficult to work around than physical disabilities like deafness or blindness. And in some rare cases, there are even ways that someone’s disability can be advantageous to an employer if they see a specific job requirement that needs filling.


Jobs Disabled People Can Do


The disabled might not be able to do many things, but they can still do something. I personally think that you shouldn’t label the disabled as “defective” just because of one thing. It’s very insulting and rude. There are many jobs for the disabled in this world, such as accountant, chef and more. Nearly 1 million disabled people are living in poverty, and about 80% of them would prefer to work but don’t have the opportunities. Blind people can often carve out a niche that fits their skills. For example, many modern text-based computer applications require accurate refreshable braille displays.


Jobs For The Disabled To Consider


There are many types of jobs that a disabled person can have. Some industries have developed jobs that cater to the specific needs of geriatrics and the disabled. Positions may include waitress or construction worker (with adaptive equipment). These jobs fell under industrial and physical fitness falls, respectively. Many disabled people have no other option but to live off social security. While they are scraping by and eating $5 chicken dinners while they “hope for the best”, they can be working a fulfilling, profitable job. This may not be true of all disabled workers, but those who would like to work could benefit immensely from the perspective of financial stability and mental health.



It’s not easy to find a job for people with disabilities. But it does exist, and here are some of them.WelderThis is a great opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have full use of their hands or arms, like those with cerebral palsy, as this occupation requires high heat and places the welders within range of the welding Arc that is mostly handled by a grinder in the given time frame. Hairstylists may not seem like it, but this occupation can provide you with meaningful hours which suits your schedule and skills if you’re disabled in your ability to get around.


Not only are some employers unwilling to hire someone with disabilities, but many employers also don’t want to provide them with the workplace accommodations needed for them to work in some industries. Fortunately, there is a wide range of jobs that provide the resources and accommodations people with disabilities need to be successful at work. These include jobs like an interpreter, speech therapist, occupational therapy assistant, photographer’s assistant, quilter’s assistant, technician assistant-clerical or handicrafts.

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