What is a fine line tattoo and why is it trending?

A minimalist design with crisp and clean outlines is, in a nutshell, a fine line tattoo is. Yet, what is a fine line tattoo, and what makes it trending today?

The fine line tattoo is the best choice for people that want clean and crisp outlines and aren’t big fans of heavy shading and colours. If you belong to this group, then it’s a fine line tattoo for you.

However, doing a bit of research is always the cardinal rule before getting tattooed.


All to know about Fine Line Tattoos


Why are fine line tattoos trending? The clean lines and shapes that don’t involve bold colouring and shading are the main characteristics of fine line tattoos. The delicate and precise designs are created by either using three combined needles or a single needle.

Do fine line tattoos take time to heal?

Just like other tats, fine line tattoos take the same time to heal. In many cases, fine line tattoos heal faster. The style and size of the tattoo hold the key to faster or slower healing. Yet, whatever the size and shape of the fine line tattoo, recovery time is usually between two and four weeks.

It is best to avoid any sun exposure during the scabbing period. It is also recommended to avoid working out for two weeks or get involved in any form of sweaty activity.

The scabbing period is also the itchiest stage of healing and picking or scratching the area should be avoided. Preventing further irritation can be helped by applying a small bit of unscented or mild lotion on the scarred area.

Is it less painful to get a fine line tattoo?

Your pain tolerance determines the level of pain during the tattooing process. Yet, many people claim that tattoo shading is probably the most painful experience. However, the pain experience is always different for everyone.

How to get a great fine line tattoo on the first try

The fine line tattoos you see online are usually fresh, making them look amazing. However, doing a bit of research will tell you that this style of tattoo fades and lines blur once healed.

The best way to avoid this is to work with an artist that can show you a portfolio of healed fine line tattoos. This allows you to set your expectations about the work of the artist.

Is it more expensive to get a fine line tattoo?

The price of the tattoo depends on the size and style. The price goes up with bigger and more intricate-designed fine line tattoos. The quality of the work and the reputation of the artist are often the factors that can jack up the price.

What skin types or conditions are not for fine line tattoos?

Doctors always say that people with diabetes should not get tattooed. Open scars and acne are also skin conditions that are prevented from getting fine line tattoos. However, a healed scar is perfectly safe for getting tattooed.


Fine line tattoos tend to fade. The small amount of ink used by fine line tattoos makes it inevitable. However, all is not lost for there are ways that can make the fine line tattoo last for a long time. Retouching and avoiding the sun are seen as the best ways to make the tattoo last longer.

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