Steps to Become a Beauty Therapist

Would you like to have a career in the beauty industry? Do you have a passion for beauty and cosmetology? Trust me a career in the beauty industry can be fulfilling and rewarding. Your journey towards becoming a beauty therapist begins with a passion for the industry. Before qualifying, you will undergo several training sessions before the federal government or local agencies approve and license you to practice beauty therapy treatment.

Here are the steps you must complete before qualifying:

Entry requirements

If you want to qualify as a beauty therapist, there are levels to complete, level two and level three. You can study in school or work as an apprentice in somebody’s spa, or barbershop. Salons do accept people who have worked in the salon or similar sector before.


High school diploma

You will require a high school diploma as a minimum entry requirement. There are state-approved programs that one must complete before they are licensed to practice. After licensing the practitioner is free to look for employment or self-employment.

Esthetician programs

Programs are available in vocation training schools for the following levels; certificate, diploma, and associate degrees. Many colleges offer esthetician programs therefore, those seeking to become beauty therapists should enrol for a vocational program from a technical institution near you. Or better yet join online classes, but occasionally go-to glass for demonstration and other skills such as hairdressing and skincare treatments.

Courses you will do when you join the esthetician program include; manicure, pedicure, facials, skincare, and more. Training here takes two years or less depending on the time you invest in this industry. When you fully qualify for this training, you are free to apply for a practice license and start earning more.

State license

The journey to getting approved for beauty therapy practice is not a walk in the park. But with determination and dedication to qualify, it takes a few years of sacrifice and henceforth enjoys a better salary or a better return on investment. There is a minimum age that you cannot get licensed even after completing your studies. And some states require that you renew the license annually.

Where to get employment

After completing the necessary training and practical sessions, then they are ready to work in barbershops, spas, salons, etc. others might try venturing into business and self-employment. The industry is growing tremendously and is the clientele.

Roles of a therapist

Beauty is a widely used term to refer to subjects like; cosmetology, skincare, pedicure, and others. But in a nutshell, the roles of a beauty therapist include; hair removal, skin treatment, application of makeup, lash and brows, pedicures, and manicures. Offering treatment is part of the responsibility whether you are working as an employee or as an entrepreneur.


Final thought

Most beauty therapy course in Brisbane are practically based, but with a bit of theory. A qualified beauty therapist does not only work on making clients look good, it goes beyond understanding the impacts that procedures are done on clients. It is, therefore, more fundamental for somebody studying beauty therapy to understand beyond the obvious what is happening underneath the skin or whatever place the treatment is applied. When choosing the course in beauty therapy, make sure you understand what you will be doing at the workplace so that you can choose the right course that you are passionate about.


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