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Agriculture in Papua New Guinea accounts for 25% of the country’s gross domestic product and provides direct benefits to over 80% of the population. Cash crops ranked by value are coffee, oil, cocoa, copra, tea, rubber and sugar.

The PHAMA Program was launched in PNG in 2015 with a focus on improving market access for the country’s key export industries and to promote industry coordination through the establishment of industry working groups or IWGs.

In November 2018, the Program transitioned to a third phase now known as PHAMA Plus which will run through to June 2022. The goal of PHAMA Plus is to contribute to improved economic growth and improved rural livelihoods for Pacific peoples.

Priority areas identified for PHAMA Plus’ support in PNG are cocoa and coffee.

PNG Crops

PHAMA Plus will also support work on thematic and cross-cutting issues not limited to specific sectors or commodities. The Program will continue supporting farming households in PNG to increase the quantity and quality of their agricultural, horticultural and cultural exports in ways that benefit producers, exporters and importers.

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