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Safeguarding the future of the kava export industry

Published Monday, October 24 2016

Kava is an important agricultural commodity for a number of Pacific Island Countries, forming an integral part of cultural, economic and social life. It is estimated that 30,000 households are involved in its cultivation in Vanuatu, with a further 3,000 earning an income from the kava trade and retail (nakamal) operations. Kava is widely consumed...

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A step of courage – A Solomon Island woman’s cocoa story

Published Monday, October 24 2016

Lucy Kasimwane had worked 20 long years in the city. So when she decided to leave her job, it came as a major shock to the people who depended on her: her family. It was also a decision that took great courage. But Lucy had a plan; a plan that would set her in the...

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Papua New Guinea cocoa among the world’s best

Published Friday, October 21 2016

A group of international cocoa buyers from the United States of America and Europe currently visiting Papua New Guinea have expressed a strong interest in sourcing locally produced cocoa for their chocolate and bean-to-bar businesses. The delegation arrived in the country early this month and has visited several cocoa farms, plantations, fermenteries and traders/exporters in...

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Boosting coffee exports in Papua New Guinea

Published Tuesday, October 11 2016

In an effort to boost coffee exports in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program recently sponsored PNG’s Coffee Competition in Lae. The event was first held in 2014, and is fast gaining popularity; it is the brain-child of PNG’s Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC). As part of the industry’s...

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Festival highlights women’s contributions to cocoa industry

Published Tuesday, August 02 2016

From May 30 to June 1 Solomon Islands’ Cocoa Industry Working Group held the country’s first Cocoa Festival in Honiara. The Working Group, established through PHAMA’s assistance in 2012, hosted over 100 attendees at the event including cocoa producers, buyers, exporters, local businesses and government representatives. As part of the week-long festival, a Cocoa Competition...

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Pacific exchange in drive for quality cocoa exports

Published Wednesday, March 16 2016

Cocoa testing authorities from across the Pacific region have been in Honiara this month to share expertise on cocoa quality testing and improve their capacity. This is part of a wider drive to improve the quality and reputation of Pacific cocoa, so that it can be sold into higher priced international markets. The Pacific Horticultural...

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Pacific Cocoa Export Industry Overview

Published Wednesday, March 09 2016

Background Cocoa production in the Pacific has a long history and was once a thriving industry, with Pacific cocoa sought for its fine flavours and unique qualities. However, global competition, natural disasters, cocoa diseases and under-investment have led to progressive long-term decline of the industry. Today, cocoa remains an important cash crop in PNG, Samoa,...

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Improving import conditions for pacific handicrafts

Published Monday, December 07 2015

Throughout the Pacific, woven mats and tapa cloths are used for social, ceremonial and decorative purposes. These handicrafts are often bought by tourists as a cultural memento of the Pacific Country they visited. Irrespective of size, woven mats and tapa cloths are permitted into New Zealand. However, up until recently, a requirement for these goods...

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New program to boost PNG agricultural exports

Published Thursday, November 19 2015

Australia and Papua New Guinea today launched a new program to increase Papua New Guinea’s agricultural exports. Australia will expand the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program to PNG, providing practical assistance to the public and private sectors to increase the export of horticultural and agricultural produce to regional and international markets. Increasing...

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Solomon Islands cocoa among the world’s best

Published Thursday, October 29 2015

Cocoa grown, fermented and dried in Solomon Islands has won a leading international cocoa award overnight in Paris, France. Selected from 145 samples from around the globe, Solomon Islands cocoa has been awarded the International Cocoa Award, with judges hailing it as the ‘find of the competition’. Earlier this year the Australian Government sponsored a...

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