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Fiji launches Kava Quality Standard, Manual

Published Thursday, March 09 2017

In a milestone achievement for Fiji’s kava industry, the National Kava Standard and Fiji Kava Quality Manual were officially launched today. A first for the country, the kava quality standard and manual mark a significant progress in the ongoing efforts to improve kava quality and grow exports. The standard also sets a benchmark for consistent...

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Farmers undergo further training to improve cocoa quality

Published Friday, February 03 2017

Several owners of solar cocoa driers in the Solomon Islands recently attended a workshop designed to increase sales of “sun-dried” cocoa into the lucrative global boutique market. Last week’s workshop and demonstration exercise offered valuable opportunities for cocoa farmers from five provinces to share learnings with cocoa specialists and MAL extension officers. Lucy Kasimwane from...

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6 Samoan companies attain HACCP certification

Published Friday, December 16 2016

Close to a 100 people gathered at Taumesina Resort on Wednesday 15th December, 2016, to witness six local companies attain international accreditation in HACCP certification, a significant tool for quality assurance and a platform of confidence and trust between exporters and importers. Funded by the Australian and New Zealand Government aid programmes, the Pacific Horticultural...

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Tonga sends first shipment of squash to China

Published Friday, December 02 2016

The first ever shipment of Tongan squash to China left Tonga this week, after Tongatapu exporter Nishi Trading successfully passed a strict quarantine inspection on Saturday, 26 November 2016. A delegation from the People’s Republic of China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) inspected the container of squash at Nishi Trading’s Packing...

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Promoting Solomon Islands arts & crafts

Published Wednesday, November 30 2016

To promote sales of Solomon Islands arts and crafts, PHAMA is funding work to educate tourists about what products they can take home. Production of arts and crafts such as carvings, baskets, jewelry is an important livelihood for many villages and communities in Solomon Islands. The nation boasts some of the most beautiful arts and crafts in...

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Solar kiln to improve SI sawn timber export quality

Published Wednesday, October 26 2016

In its efforts to encourage additional downstream processing and value adding of timber in the Solomon Islands, the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program has funded the purchase of a solar kiln to dry timber for export. Solomon Islands exports around SBD78.5 million (AUD $13 million) worth of sawn timber annually, of which...

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Safeguarding the future of the kava export industry

Published Monday, October 24 2016

Kava is an important agricultural commodity for a number of Pacific Island Countries, forming an integral part of cultural, economic and social life. It is estimated that 30,000 households are involved in its cultivation in Vanuatu, with a further 3,000 earning an income from the kava trade and retail (nakamal) operations. Kava is widely consumed...

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A step of courage – A Solomon Island woman’s cocoa story

Published Monday, October 24 2016

Lucy Kasimwane had worked 20 long years in the city. So when she decided to leave her job, it came as a major shock to the people who depended on her: her family. It was also a decision that took great courage. But Lucy had a plan; a plan that would set her in the...

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Papua New Guinea cocoa among the world’s best

Published Friday, October 21 2016

A group of international cocoa buyers from the United States of America and Europe currently visiting Papua New Guinea have expressed a strong interest in sourcing locally produced cocoa for their chocolate and bean-to-bar businesses. The delegation arrived in the country early this month and has visited several cocoa farms, plantations, fermenteries and traders/exporters in...

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Boosting coffee exports in Papua New Guinea

Published Tuesday, October 11 2016

In an effort to boost coffee exports in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program recently sponsored PNG’s Coffee Competition in Lae. The event was first held in 2014, and is fast gaining popularity; it is the brain-child of PNG’s Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC). As part of the industry’s...

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